Christmas Depression

Christmas is considered a period of joy and optimistic hopes. Usually this is so, but for many people can be a very sad time and do accompanied by feelings of loneliness, helplessness and discouragement. This condition is called Christmas Depression Christmas Blues". Depression is common in the festivities of December during the Christmas and New Year, when we balance sheets and projects. What for too many is the happiest time of year for others it is quite the opposite. Christmas and family gatherings can become sad and difficult time to endure, especially if the person is already depressed or going through an existential crisis.
Christmas is the season that most affects the depression; while depression can strike at any time of year is around Christmas that the majority of suicides happen. We must be aware of it and especially to the elderly who need more attention.
There are many causes for this type of mood disorder that can develop into a true depression, with the same symptoms of clinical depression.
Usually the Christmas depression is brief in duration from several days to weeks and often end when the holidays end and returns to the daily routine.
It is necessary to try to understand, what might be the reason for each one, the most closely related to the sphere of affection and the more strictly physical.
However I can suggest some basic rules of health during the holidays.

Factors contributing to the Depression Christmas
• Increased stress

• Fatigue

• Expectations unfulfilled

• Vulnerability to the biological station and the low solar radiation

• Unable to be with family

• Memories of past celebrations

• Social pressure to binge

• Change of diet

• Change in daily routine

• Lack of someone who no longer exists

The most common symptoms of depression for Christmas are:
• Headache

• Inability to sleep or sleeping too much

• Changes in appetite

• Agitation or anxiety

• Feelings of excessive or inappropriate guilt

• Decreased ability to concentrate

• Diminished interest in activities that normally lead to pleasure

How to defend off the "Christmas Depression":
• Try to minimize the expectations and turn Christmas into a "normal festivity."

• Have an organized program for this holiday season.

• Do not make intentions to change total after the New Year.

• Practice an outdoor physical activity, even if it is cold and mostly in daylight hours.

• Being with people

• Do not change a lot and especially the rhythms of sleep

• Do not drink alcohol to excess

• Do not overdo it with food

• Not having unattainable expectations

• Do not focus on what we have

• Do not lament the past, but make small realistic goals for the future and concrete.

In conclusion; leaving aside projects "extraordinary" to propose realistic goals, organize their time, make lists, priorities, make a plan and follow it. Exit spirituality very "Liturgy" of the parties and seek to invent new ways to celebrate Christmas.
The depressed person needs to be understood and cared ... It is therefore especially important to allow yourselves to be sad or nostalgic. These are normal feelings, particularly at Christmas.

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