No diapers

Respecting the pace and progress of the child, parental help is essential to be able to overcome this additional step.
Respect the rhythms
Children are all different and their biological rhythms have no fixed scale to meet. Some children drop out of diapers sooner than others because it depends on the ability to control the sphincters.
When children reach two years it is natural to have, from time to time, a dry diaper in the morning - a sign that during the night did not pee and the bladder and bowel control is well underway. However, the early learning should begin during the day. Without forcing the child, now that the weather starts to be hotter, is the perfect time to start this new learning. For that, parents must have time and be patience.

A beginning full of expectations
The first thing to do is get a pot. Have your child help in the selection since it will have to please you. There are different shapes and colors and some with music - added bonus - when a child makes their needs.
After buying the potty for him to explain what it does. The best way is to tell you that parents will make their needs the toilet but, as he still has a little potty to your needs to begin training. Then, after the meals, the child should sit on potty to do their needs. Generally, it is normal that the child begins to make poop because children are usually in the diaper poop after meals. If the child does not do after about ten minutes to be seated, it is better to remove it and put it back within an hour.
Don’t force the child to stay longer than she needs, so she doesn’t stay tiered of the potty-weary.
It is natural that during the first experiments do pee in shorts, parents should not scold you, but explain to him that is now grown and should behave like a big boy. It is necessary to maintain the care of the child to sit on the potty every hour.

Warning signs
Children when they begin this new stage, often when they do not fully control the sphincters are not yet aware of its possibilities, and they are playing, even if they feel the need, are able to stand up to the last moment without going to the potty. However, if parents are aware of some signs may occur, for example, the child begins to tremble, her knees together as if pressed, shrinks ...
At such times should put it in her potty and explain that whenever you feel like it should sit.

Assistance procedures
If the child is walking normally without a diaper and has to leave before you leave home, sit on the potty and explain that you will not because it will put the diaper more beautiful without it, but you have to pee before starting so that you can handle until, for example grandmother's house.
At bedtime, before placing the child in bed, sit on the potty for a few minutes. If you wake up at night, and take advantage to put the potty - sometimes they pee means asleep.
Many children take some time to get used to ask to go to the potty quickly while others sit in it alone. Whatever the attitude of your child, not scold you when you have a leak. Throughout the day, ask him if he has no desire to go to the potty, but it is important that you put him periodically.
And don’t forget when the child is able to do his needs in the potty, the parents should always praise her.


We are in the high season when many people take vacations. It is natural then to imagine that those who are away from the office of the studies or are already "upside down", replacing the stolen energy from day to day by stress. But this is no absolute truth, some people feel more tired than when on vacation is working.
The difficulty in relaxation is a problem that has been worsening. On the one hand, during the holidays because the family relationships end tapering naturally and bringing up again, some unresolved conflicts. On the other hand, some use vacation time at work or college to take courses. That is, if not shuts down or allows the body to be refreshed.

There are also those who decide to embark on tour wearing. Who has invested in those package tours that promise to meet all of Europe in ten days or total fun in five days at Disney knows how to take these walks throughout the person's physical energy. Conclusion: In return, the tourist is a true human rag, in need of holidays.

As the holidays are a necessary period in human life, which should seek to enjoy it as best as possible, the ideal is to plan how the weather will be employed. If the person has only ten days of rest, but using it to actually rest your head, have fun, laugh and meet new people with totally different discourses of the routine.

It is important to understand that the holidays are not healing or salvation for people who are lonely or with relationship problems. But it is worth reserving a little time to "turn off" the tribulations that cause more stress. For those who can not relax and begin to feel that constant tension is affecting their health, the expert says that the healing process can happen in several ways:

Tips for those who are in the limit and can not relax:

Exercise - Release of endorphins, which is essential for physical and emotional balance;

Proper nutrition - Agitated People should avoid excessive consumption of food and beverage stimulants (spicy food, alcohol and coffee, for example);

The Development of spirituality - it is important to take care of his 'divine side', ie take readings of specific texts, moments of meditation and prayer;

Psychotherapy - Seek help from a psychologist. A serious professional can help find and fix this mental programming that prevents him from being at peace;

Keep your expectations in check - Do not try to do these holidays 'best of all time;

Do not consume too much alcohol - Drinks in excess can make you more tired and depressed;

Be ready for the unexpected - Remember that not everything can be under your control and relax;

Take these tips all year - whenever you feel 'on the edge' book a weekend just to unwind. These breaks are a holy medicine.