Personal Data
Laura Do Vale                                
Burjeel Hospital llc - Sultanate of Oman, Muscat - +9684399777 / +96824399601

Master in Psychology at Derby University - U.K

PhD - Academic´s at  Estremadura University - Spain “New Context´s of Psychological Intervention in Education, Health and Quality of Live”

1997/2002 – Modern University-Lisbon – Degree in Healing Psycho-pedagogy

Post-Graduation Courses 
Social and Health Care Leadership and Managent "- Coventry University - U.K

Psychotherapeutically and Psychological Consultation” Course, at the Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação (IPAF) - 450 hours;
Specialization in Neuropsychology” Course, at the Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação (IPAF) - 450 hours – Developed  Activities:
  • Integrated in the Neuro/Trauma Team of the Emergency Service of the Hospital of St. Jose and in the Children’s Hospital D. Estefania. I have observed and accompanied patients in the Trauma room, Er., and Theatre, wards, and on appointments. In this activity, I have had the opportunity to observe many surgeries performed and all the Psycho-pathological disorders that occur after trauma and following surgery.
  • Upon request from the head of the trauma unit I have developed therapeutic work with the families of victims of severe trauma and cerebral death.
  • Whilst working in this medical facility I had the opportunity to work with many different cultures, religions and patients from different social backgrounds.

Psychotherapy in Chronic Phybrosis” – Patient Care Magazine – June 2004 – Best Scientifically Article Award published in 2004 Nominee;
 “The necessity of an Other in the Psychic Apparatus Development” – Clinical Psychology Journal – I.P.A.F. Volume 2, Nº 7, pages 5 – 10.
Vocational Orientation Manual  – Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação (IPAF).
Ethical Principles” – Clinical Psychology Journal – I.P.A.F. Volume 3, Nº 9, pages 71 – 80.

Additional Courses
“Organizational Development Techniques” at C.C.I. - 155 hours;
“Company Preparation for Quality Certification ” at  A-PR  - 32 hours;
“Human Resources” at ForDominium  - 133 hours;
“Equal Opportunity Certification” at I.P.F.EL. - 90 hours;
“Advanced Supervision in the Dialogic Relationship Model” at I.P. A F  - 1 Year;
“Personal Development” at I.P.F. - 30 hours;
“How to Empower a Group” at I.P.F. - 30 hours;
“Group Dynamics” at I.P.F. - 30 hours;
“Communication and Team Work” at I.P.F. - 30 hours;
“ Human Performance Evaluation” at I.P.F. - 36 hours;
“Establishing Better Working Conditions through the Assertiveness and Transactional      Analysis” at I.P.F. - 36 hours;

  • Lisbon, November, 5th e 6 th, 2007 -  1St International Conference on Art, Brain and Language
  • Vidago, November, 9th  -12th , 2005 – 21st  – Pneumology Conference;
  • Lisbon, May, 6th  and 7th , 2004 – Trauma A Torment of the 21st  Century – Order of the Doctors of Lisbon;
  • Lisbon, February, 5th  and 6th , 2004 – 8th  National Meeting – Patient Care;
  • Lisbon, February, 21st , 22nd  and 23rd , 2003 –  3rd Professional-Scientific Reunion of Clinical Psychologists;
  • Oporto, February, 22nd , 23rd  and 24th , 2002 – 2nd  Professional-Scientific Reunion of Clinical Psychologists;
  • Lisbon, November, 15th  and 16th , 2001 – 11th  International Conference On Life Styles and Addictive Behaviours;
  • Lisbon, February, 24th and 25th, 2001 – 1st Professional-Scientific Reunion of Clinical Psychologists.
  • London July 1st  – 6th , 2001 – 7th  European Congress of Psychology;
  • Stockholm, July 23rd  – 28th , 2000 – 27th  International Congress of Psychology.

Clinical-scientific Seminaries / Sessions
  • Cognitive Therapy  – (IPAF);
  • Observational Methods in Psychology – (IPAF);
  • Behaviouralisms – (IPAF);
  • Investigation and Statistic Methods In Psychology - (IPAF);
  • Psychosis – Enter in Relationship – (IPAF);
  • 4th Step – Anxiety Phobic Neurosis  – (IPAF);
  • Genetic Affectology – 3rd Step – (IPAF);
  • Psychopathic – 3rd Step – (IPAF);
  • Action Pattern - (IPAF).

  • Lisbon 10th and 11th   April 2003 – Aging – A question of Citizenship – (APP).

  • Vidago, 12th November 2005 – “Psychological Factors of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” – 21st  Pneumology Congress
  • Oporto, 23rd February 2002 – “The necessity of an Other in the  Psychic Apparatus Development” – 2nd  Clinical Psychologists’ Scientific-Professional Meeting;.
  • Lisbon, 21st February 2003 – Coordinator of the Communication presented by Dr. Carla Anselmo and Dr. Cláudia Ribeiro – “From the Imagination of Love to the Imagined Love” – 3rd Clinical Psychologists’ Scientific-Professional Meeting.

Professional Experience
October 2002 /  present- Private Clinical Practice
  • Working with children, teenagers and adults with anxiety and depression problems, or with special needs.

October 2002/February 2009 - Psychology Office Coordinator at “Externato Crisfal e Novo Crisfal” School , performing the following functions:
  • Supervision and recruiting of Apprentices
  • Vocational and Professional Orientation
  • Investigation of School competence and abilities
  • Cognitive Stimulation
  • Psycho-pedagogic Support

October 2006 / Present - Member of  Neurosurgery Trauma Team of St. José Hospital and in the Children’s Hospital D. Estefania.,
  • Observing and following patient´s to the trauma room, operating room, infirmary room and observation room. In this activity had the opportunity to observe all surgeries, and all psycho-pathological alterations that happen after a trauma surgery.
  • Performed counselling to the relatives of patients who have cerebral deaths and traumas from serious accidents. Due to the kind of patients that use this hospital had the opportunity to have contact with patients of different cultures, religions and social

2004/ 2005 - Pulmonary Service at the Santa Marta Hospital.
  • During my time here I studied patients with Pulmonary disorder and chronic respitory disease which I found they presented with high levels of anxiety and depression. I also observed they had decreased mobility in the hands which impaired their breathing therapy.

2003/ 2004 - Reumatology Clinic Coracao de Jesus
  • I observed and performed psychotherapy with patients with Chronic Fibrosis never forgetting the chronic pain and the fact that we do not know if it comes from a physical, mental or genetic disorder.
  • I also work with the families as well as the patients to ensure the families understand the patients requirements/needs.

September 2002 to September 2003 – Clinical Coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Psychotherapy and Psychological Consultation in (IPAF) - Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação at Funchal – Madeira Island , fulfilling the following function:
  • Teaching
  • Trainee Selection
  • Teachers’ and Formers’ Selection, Recruiting and Coordination
  • Development and coordination of  Projects and Formation Actions

April 2001 to August 2003 – Teaching Post-Graduate Courses at (IPAF) Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação in Lisbon and Funchal in the following modules:
  • Diagnosis Methods and Techniques
  • Evaluation, Methods and Techniques of Diagnosis and Therapy of Dementia and Aging   Degenerate Decline
  • Evaluation of the Intelligence in Children, Teenagers and Adults
  • Psychological evaluation of Children, Teenagers and Adults
  • Vocational and Professional Orientation
  • Psychopathology and Personality Development
  • Methodology and Psychology Therapy;
  • Methodology and Organization of the Psychological consultation;
  • Special aspects of consultation with Children, Teenagers and Adults;
  • Supervision of  Professional-scientific contributes.

  • Currently  writing “Mind Matters” column for Muscat Daily Newspaper;
  • Currently doing PhD Thesis at  Estremadura University - Spain “New Context´s of Psychological Intervention in Education, health and Quality of live”
  • Member of the Clinical-Scientific Council of (IPAF) Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada e Formação