Specialized Therapeutic Programs

* PN-PAB - Program neuropsychological Promotion of Basic Learning;
A series of problems at the level of basic cognitive processes, significantly interfere in the course of learning, thus constituting an obstacle to the development of activities in reading, writing, and arithmetic.
The PN - PAB is based on studies of A. R Luria neuropsychological and cognitive neuropsychology and recent playful tasks, encourages the development of basic processes facilitating the educational work of the teacher in the classroom. 
* PPCDO - Programs for Parents of Challengers / Opponents Children
Epidemiological studies conducted in several countries indicate that conduct disorders occur very frequently challenging (9.9%), giving rise to serious problems of school discipline and increasing the risk of behaviours in adolescence.
PPCDO program is organized in 12 sessions for parents and provides a wide variety of methods for dealing with these children in order to reduce challenging behaviours and promoting psychological development. 
* PPCH - Program for Parents of hyperactive children;
The overall aim is the acquisition of techniques that lead to an improvement in living conditions, both parents and hyperactive children.
The specific objectives of PPCH include:
● Provide knowledge and better understanding of the forces of hyperactivity;
● Provide technical maintenance of motivation;
● Facilitate ways of dealing with these children;
● Engage parents with the most appropriate therapeutic regimen.