Anxiety is a mental disorder characterized by an almost constant state of permanent anxiety, worry, anxiety, uneasiness, restlessness, anxiety, fear, etc.. What causes a malaise and a constant tension.
Anxiety, nervousness or anxiety is a biological characteristic of humans, which proceeds moments of real or imagined danger, marked by unpleasant bodily sensations, such as an empty feeling in stomach, heart beating fast, intense fear, tightness in chest, sweating etc.

The person is always in constant tension and 'afraid of anything "that she does not know or know how to define.

She feels uneasy and situations around her often create a malaise that she can not define or control.

This negative mood changes a person's life and takes her to depart from the reality around them, often ending up harming your life and your relationships.

Change of job, home, wedding, etc.. Any situation involving a change can unbalance the person suffering from anxiety.

All people can feel anxiety, especially with the busy life today. Anxiety turns out to be constant in the lives of many people. Depending on the degree or frequency, can become pathological and lead to many problems later, such as anxiety disorder. Therefore, it is not always pathological.

Having anxiety or suffer from this evil makes the person lose a good part of their self-esteem, or she fails to do certain things because it is judged to be unable to perform them. Thus, the term anxiety is somehow connected to the word fear, so the person becomes afraid of making mistakes when performing different tasks, without even trying to reach.

Anxiety at very high levels, or when presented with shyness or depression prevents a person to develop their intellectual potential. Learning is locked and this affects not only the learning of traditional education, but social intelligence. The individual does not know how to behave in social situations or at work, which can lead to stagnation in their careers.

Psychotherapy is used to give help in this situation as well as the practice of relaxing exercises like yoga, tai-chi and other exercises in order to release stress and relax the person.

However we must do another type of work that are located behind the causes of anxiety and that way it can work and eliminate the causes of anxiety.

Anxiety is a characteristic of anxious personalities and as such anxiety has a lot to do with the personality of the person as we know it is inherited and created lifelong.

Loss of loved ones can often aggravate this condition as experienced other stressful situations throughout life.

We have to change the way you see and feel for the person and it has to take the person to see and resolve situations that affect the unconscious level and without her realizing it.

In too many cases there are frequently situations in the physical body that underlie the anxiety and need to be corrected and eliminated that anxiety can be overcome and win.

Basically we have to recognize what causes behind the anxiety and how to fix them for the person to go to live your life the way she deserves to be lived.

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