You can not say that there is only one reason leading to drug use but several factors that can influence the consumption or no consumption. These factors can be individual, social, familial, environmental and related to each substance.
There are different forms of consumption with different meanings and reasons that lead people to try a drug are different from the reasons that lead them to become dependent.

Causes of Drug Abuse, why do people use it?
In the beginning, it’s a phase of experimentation, there are a number of factors that can lead to the consumption of which stands out: the curiosity, the desire to belong to a group, the desire for fun, the fear of exclusion from the group, the availability of the drug, the illusion of solving problems, a positive representation of substances, among others. This experimental use may not lead to a sporadic or habitual consumption but can also become an addiction

The recreational use is associated with fun and leisure. One of its main features is the search for immediate pleasure in the context of dance or fun.
The last stage of consumption when it is installed dependency. Consumption becomes the main purpose and motivation in life, everything revolves around him.

Anyway, in each case there are always a number of factors that should be examined by a specialist in order to plan an appropriate treatment regimen.

How to tell if my child is addicted?
The signals can be as varied as, for example, changes the rhythm of life (sleep, eating), severe mood swings, lying, big secret about his life, their activities, their relationships with friends, spending unexplained money which may be linked to drug use but may also originate from other types of situations that age, and must be well balanced. There is however a set of signs of drug use as the appearance of needles and syringes, needle marks from bites, burnt spoons or knives, silverware of packs or foil burned.

The best way to notice it is being attentive to their behavior changes and maintaining a sufficiently close and affectionate with your child that allows him to talk about it if necessary.

How do I stop my son to became a drogue addict?
There are no recipes, but it is important to maintain a good relationship with him that allows discussion and discussion of all matters that arise throughout the life of his son, including drug use. Give him support when he needs to pay attention to their studies or work, your friends - in short, helping it grow and grow with him.

Cannabis is the first step for the consumption of harder drugs?
Not necessarily. In fact, there are people who use cannabis and do not feel the need to consume other substances. Other people use cannabis and / or alcohol and will gradually extend the use of other substances that cause more dependence - poly. It is a fact that there are substances with the addictive power than others. However, it is essential to realize the importance of consumption in the life of the person concerned. There may be regular consumption of hashish that leads to an addiction and there may be occasional consumption of more potent drugs without associated dependency, although in this case the risk of dependence is quite large. For this reason you should pay attention not only to the substance consumed, but also the use that individuals make of it and what it represents in your life.

What if I discover that my son is addicted?
Young people consume different products and not all have the same meaning consumption. It is important to know that consuming the substance, as it does and how long to determine if it is for trial or continued consumption.

Either way it's always important to talk to him, confront him with the facts and seek support from the family doctor or other health specialists. If the intakes are regular or substances such as heroin or cocaine, a health care professional will know to help him, and his son, to find a way to cope.

• Any drug are potentially toxic, the degree of intoxication depends on the intensity of use, being directly proportional.

• Even drug accepted, tolerated or even encouraged by society can get to abuse and addiction.

The person who uses drugs ends up being dependent for a long time, until he/she resolve to treat him/ her self or decide to quit drugs.

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