Preventing School Failure

It is now common that teachers, doctors and parents send a child to a psychologist for him to consider, especially if there are learning difficulties, or if somehow the attitudes and behaviors of the child deviate slightly from normality.
There are, in fact, psychological tests to assess, both factors of personality or intelligence, and that gives us a precise indication of what's going on at that moment that the child is having this or that kind of behavior as well as learning difficulties.
The notion of IQ is debatable, since there are several types of intelligence, as so-called emotional intelligence, which greatly influence the performances of the subjects. A person can be very intelligent, both formal and can not be successful at the professional level due to a failure at the level of emotional intelligence.
In addition, often requires that if an assessment of development. Evidence of development, that allows us to assess whether a child is developing in a manner appropriate to their age. Are complex tests that can be applied from the first months of life.
When there is a need to outwit emotional problems, the psychologist makes use of other tests. The night fears, jealousy of younger siblings, the family feeling of exclusion, are among the reasons that trigger some emotional imbalance in childhood.
Today it is very common that parents want their children to join earlier in the first year and they learn quickly to read. This rush can give poor results because if the child has not reached a certain degree of intellectual maturity, it is difficult to assimilate certain concepts.
For this reason, is important to conduct a psychological evaluation. If the maturity of the child is worse than expected, given his age, is beneficial for the child to stay another year in preschool, because only this way can prevent the emergence of problems such as dyslexia, among others.
When asked for a psychological examination are evaluated several factors simultaneously. You see, for example, that a child not at school may be related to emotional and not cognitive.
All this has to be exploited, either by testing or consultation. Finally, we presented a psychological evaluation and report are outlined strategies to overcome the problems.
It is important to stress that the earlier problems are detected, the faster you can outline plans to solve them and only through a specialized support is that this becomes possible.
Therefore, if your child had difficulties in the school year now, consider the possibility that the lead psychologist at the beginning of this school year, for only thus will help prevent failure.

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