Depression is the principal cause of the incapacities and the second cause of lost of healthy years of life, between the 107 diseases and problems of health more relevant. The personal costs of this disease are very high, being recognized in Europe as a primary problem of public health.

What is a Depression and who can be affected by it?
A depression is a mental disease that features more marked by a more marked sadness or more prolonged in time, with lost of interests for the activities usually felt like pleasant and lost of energy or easy tiredness.
The depression can affect people of all age, since the childhood to the oldest, and if not treated can lead to suicide (with is a common consequence)
It can be episodic, recurrent or chronic, and leads to the substantial diminution of the capacities of the person in guarantee every day responsibilities
It is more common between the women’s than in men, but some studies reveal that 1, 9% of men suffer of depression and 3, 2% of women.

What are the Symptoms?
It is different from the normal mood changes by the severity and permanence of the symptoms. It is often associate to anxiety and panic and the most common symptoms are:
-      Modifications of the appetite;
-      Sleeping disorders;
-      Extreme tiredness, lost of energy;
-      Apathy, sadness and lack or difficulties of concentration;
-      Concern about the meaning of life and with death;
-      Sentiments of gilt, lack of self esteem;
-      Irritability,…

Are there people with more risk factors?
-      People with episodes of depression in the past;
-      People with family history of depression;
-      People that suffer a significantly lost of someone;
-      People chronic diseases;
-      People that cohabit with people with chronic diseases;
-      People with a tendency to anxiety and panic attacks;
-      Older people,…

How long can it last?
Depression can last from a few months to a few years. However in about 20% of the cases it becomes a chronic disease with no remission. These kinds of cases usually happen due to the lack of adequate treatment.

When is it important to look for help?
Having depressed feelings is common to any of us, especially after experiences or situations that affect us in a negative way. However if the symptoms aggravate and maintain for more then 2 consecutive weeks, it is important to start looking for help.

How to treat it?
Usually with the use of medication, psychotherapy intervention or a combination of both.
The medications used in the treatment of depressions are designated by antidepressants and showed be prescribed by a Psychiatrist doctor, and you showed follow his instructions.
The psychotherapy interventions are particularly useful in most of the situations of depression. The decision of to begin a therapeutic process it’s  not always came from the patient, but from the others next to them, but is important to do so if the person doesn’t have the energy to do it.
The time of treatment depends of the patient but is never less thin 6 months. 

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