How to Choose Toys for Your Children

As everyone knows, the work that children have is to play, and the tools they use to play are the toys. The question that arises is what kind of toys do they have?

Which are the most and least appropriate? For whom should we decide every day children are "bombarded" in television ads for the most varied, and if they are available in great cartoon on top, most of the time are perfect copies of dolls which can wear , going to parties, characters are fantastic, each marry and have children, others are galactic invaders, etc.. There is therefore a huge competition in terms of entertainment and games.
Ideally, the toys they should buy are those that are appropriate to their ages. For example, although a microscope can be very stimulating and useful for a child of 11 years, it is very likely to remain on a shelf, untouched, if offered to a child of preschool age. Already on the other hand, if you buy a doll for his daughter, who has come up with a dress, for example, medieval and some historical significance, it is very likely that your imagination fly quickly over time. Today, many companies have already indicated in the boxes of toys ages themselves, which helps a lot in both the choice and the effect it will raise, putting aside the feelings of frustration and failure which could inflict.
When choosing toys for your child, be sure also to take into account the different areas of expertise that help to develop some toys.
For example, develop the fine motor skills is essential in a child who is learning to write his name. Toys that enhance and develop this competence are the best toy cars, building materials, yo-yos, magnets, video games, the handling of computer mice or write with computer keyboards.
Already with regard to coordinating and developing the capacity to develop muscle strength of a child is given a jump rope, roller skating, playing with rackets and began to walk on roller skates, or even begin cycling. The toys can help develop children's imagination. Children in their early school years, they love to play make-believe. For example love to play pretend that you are the post office, or pretend to be teachers and who are teaching their students the ABC.
Try giving a medical kit to your child and you will see that soon begins to simulate operations in their favorite dolls. Children of primary love playing with dolls and animals.
Therefore, at this age, do not deprive a boy playing with dolls, not discourage the girls playing with cars or toys that are traditionally for boys. If you prefer, in addition to dolls or stuffed animals, puppets are a good alternative, because they are great to give life and recreate voices and stories through the imagination. Do not forget that a child's imagination, the box that comes with the refrigerator or the microwave there new home can be quickly transformed into a space station or a puppet theater. The children basically love is to do things and play. Encourage your kids to work on creativity, always ensuring that they have on hand paper, pencils, markers, pens, paints, brushes, pencil-of-wax, etc..
Toys docking, the Lego, the etc.., Are great for architectural projects. The kits, jewelry, musical instruments, etc.. are great for developing their creativity. Another type of toys that help children develop their thinking capacity are precisely those board games. In the case of younger children is the best simple games, but in the older puzzles, books, science kits and are most suitable. Besides the children, virtually every board game has a very positive because they can always be made with the family.

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